Worried About Your Child’s First Haircut? What Are Your Best Options?

If your child's hair was relatively slow to grow in, you may be wondering when to schedule his or her first haircut -- and a bit worried about how he or she may react to sitting in the barber's chair for the first time. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to make the haircutting process a simple one and ensure your child will leave with a happy frame of mind as well as a more attractive hairstyle. Read on to learn more about how you can make your child's first haircut a manageable and enjoyable process. 

Practice at home first

If your child just needs a minor trim to keep hair from falling into his or her eyes, you may want to purchase some professional hair cutting shears at a beauty supply store or department store and handle the first trim yourself. This can solve the immediate hair problem while giving your child an idea of what to expect from the first hair appointment -- and if he or she wiggles and won't sit still in the chair even for you, it may be a bit too early to head to the barber just yet. 

In many cases, depending on your child's hair texture and the speed with which it grows, you may be able to get by with at-home trims from just you and your hair cutting shears for several years before heading to a barber for the first time. This can save you time, tears, and money. In addition, it's often not a bad idea to have an extra pair of hair cutting shears at home in case your child finds him- or herself dealing with a stuck wad of gum, hair tie, or other piece of debris tangled in his or her hair. 

Head to a child-friendly barber

While you may have always dreamed of having father-and-son (or mother-and-daughter) dates at the barber or beauty shop, when it comes time to schedule that first appointment, it's usually best to head to a barber shop or beauty shop that specializes in childrens' haircuts. These professionals deal with children on a daily basis and are experts in handling first-haircut jitters (for both children and parents), and many often have prizes or other incentives for your child to be well-behaved and quiet. 

Once your child has become acclimated to the barber shop, you'll be able to introduce him or her to your own haunts -- but until then, a kid-friendly barber shop is the place to be.