A Quick Guide To Some Of The Different Beauty School Programs You Can Choose From

If you have always wanted to go into the beauty field and spend your career helping people to look and feel better, it is important to be aware of the different options that are available to you. For instance, you may be surprised to learn that you can attend beauty school for a relatively short period time with the goal of focusing on specific aspects of skin care and become an aesthetician. Alternatively, you may be able to spend as little as a few weeks training online from an accredited nail school to start your career as a nail technician. When you are ready to work in the beauty field and you don't have the time to spend a long time in school, it is a good idea to be aware of the information provided below.    

Becoming An Aesthetician

Given the heavy focus on aging well and reversing the signs of aging whenever possible, it only makes sense that an expert in helping people with those tasks will often be in great demand. As an aesthetician, you will learn how to provide facial waxing, eyebrow shaping, and microdermabrasion treatments that are designed to improve the overall appearance of your client's skin.

Although you will find that each state has the right to determine the amount of class time and training required to become an aesthetician, it is often a very brief period of time. For instance, North Dakota requires that future aestheticians spend 600 classroom hours honing your craft, and you will then need to pass a series a series of exams to verify your knowledge and become certified, prior to seeking your first job in the field.

In comparison, the state of Washington allows you to become an aesthetician through the use of an apprenticeship or classroom training. You would need to complete 750 hours of approved class hours or 800 hours as an apprentice in Washington before taking the tests and obtaining employment. To determine the requirements in your state, contact the licensing board or a beauty school in your area that provides aesthetician training. 

Starting A Career As A Nail Technician

As a nail technician, you will be responsible for maintaining the conditioning of a person's nails and cuticles, applying polish and designs to their nails, and supplementing a client's existing nails with artificial units. Gel, solar, and acrylic nails are common augmentations that you will need to learn about.

One exciting fact about your future career that is likely to be of interest to you is that you can often obtain most or all of the training you need online for a reasonable cost. In addition, it is important to note that on average you can expect to spend fewer hours acquiring the necessary skills before you will be able to take the nail exams required by your state. As soon as you pass those tests and obtain verification of doing so, you can start looking for your new job.    

In conclusion, there are many different careers you can pursue in the beauty field. If you are ready to start your career in the near future, the information provided above is likely to be quite helpful. Contact local beauty schools and cosmetology programs for more information.